Paragliding: flight of discovery




Discovery Flight:

Come fly with us and discover the sensation of weightlessness and contemplate the landscape from a vantage point
different Duration of 15 to 20 min.
In-flight transport.
Price of €90.

Other flights: Acrobatic flight:

Discover the feeling of going up calmly and enjoying a beautiful landscape and suddenly drop to a speed of 3G and swing around the paraglider and feel the sensation of being suspended in the air.
This two-seater is recommended for people who like strong sensations or have already flown and are looking for new ones
Duration of 15 to 20 min. Transport in flight, two acrobatic maneuvers, wing over + auger.
Price of €170.

Performance flight:

On this flight we take you flying through the Serra d’Ares and discover new landscapes.
Recommended if you’ve taken a flight and left wanting more.
Flight duration 45 min. Transport to the flight, video of the flight, photo report of 20-25 photos.
Price of €190.

Mountain flight:

We take you to the top and fly down.
Enjoy a short hike to a peak and fly off it and see the landscape from an unimaginable perspective… the different mountain peaks are:
Man’s Hill €160
Puigmal €260 and others to be specified.
Includes video of the flight plus photo report 25 photos.

Photo report: Price €15.
Flight video: Price €20.
Photo report plus video: Price €30.
1 Acrobatic maneuver: Price €40.
2 Acrobatic maneuvers: Price €75.



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